New Drawings!

Hey, I'm still alive =D!

Anyway I'm posting my creations from Draw Something (basically a version of Online Pictionary) on my other blog, Ignorant Awareness (because that's also my DS username, So I thought that would make more sense...)

Anyway, so pop over to that blog if you want to see my doodles (does anyone even read this anymore, lol?)  Sneak peek for the first pic:
Not TOO shabby, eh =P? 

PS- That's meant to be 'Scar', lol xD

So yeah, see you guys over at then!

That's all for now,
~Pavement Fireworks

New Blog (one that I actually update! Sometimes...)


You'll find my new blog at:

It's unfortunately not about the same topics (I'm currently teaching English out in Brazil), but hopefully you will find reading about my travelling mishaps adventures interesting!


Every week Whenever I feel like it, I'll post up things here that I found which make you go 'lolwut?'
(It was originally going to be called 'LolFail', but then that would totally rule out things which aren't a fail per se but are just really weird- which would probably eliminate 99% of future posts =P)

Anyway, seems simple enough right? Here goes:

I got this flyer through the door, advertising a home shisha/ sheesha delivery service
(which is kinda weird in itself lol, but that's not we're lolwutting over right now)

See it yet?

How about now, haha? xD
(Wonder how 'explosive' that flavour is)

All I can say to that is lolwut??