About Me

Not a lot to write here, except for I'm pretty new to this whole blogging thing (so please bear with me!)

I have two blogs; Ignorant Awareness is my other one (for fashion/ lifestyle & more random ramblings from moi!)

This one however is a little more structured, with my 'creative' work (like poems/ sketches etc). Hope you guys like it, & feel free to comment! =]

Wondering what the term 'Pavement Fireworks' actually means? You can find out on the second tab along for the short explanation, or on my DeviantArt page for the longer explanation (basically, I wrote a poem named 'Pavement Fireworks', for reasons that will become apparent if you follow either of those links).

That's it for now; feel free to contact me though with anything (whether you have any questions & need more clarification, or think I've missed something out/ need to improve on something- constructive criticism only, please! =D)