Every week Whenever I feel like it, I'll post up things here that I found which make you go 'lolwut?'
(It was originally going to be called 'LolFail', but then that would totally rule out things which aren't a fail per se but are just really weird- which would probably eliminate 99% of future posts =P)

Anyway, seems simple enough right? Here goes:

I got this flyer through the door, advertising a home shisha/ sheesha delivery service
(which is kinda weird in itself lol, but that's not we're lolwutting over right now)

See it yet?

How about now, haha? xD
(Wonder how 'explosive' that flavour is)

All I can say to that is lolwut??

DAZ 3D: $850 worth of software for FREE! =D

Ok, so this I think is the one & only time that aimlessly surfing the internet for hours has actually come in handy in terms of an amazing deal haha =P As soon as I saw it, I placed an order- so I thought I'd let you know (who is 'you' anyway? Is anyone actually reading this? Am I talking to myself...again?)

Daz 3D is basically graphics software (kinda like photoshop, but with more of an emphasis on digital art creation). For a limited time (until 30th April), they're basically giving away 3 types of their software for FREE(No, I don't know what the catch is either- all they asked me to do was open up an account (easy) & sign up for their newsletter (also easy, but a tad annoying- so I just signed up with a disposable email address lol!) If there is a catch though then I'll be sure to post about it- so if you don't hear anything from me in a month, it's because the Daz spambots finally got me D=)

Daz Studio 4 Pro
(Usually $450)

Anyway, so Daz Studio 4 Pro  is first up on our list- it's basically a 3D model kit for animations/ posing etc

I have a feeling the catch is probably that it only offers very basic models, & that you need to pay for any extras you want to buy- sort of like 'The Sims' expansion packs =\ But anyway, guess we'll find out once my free copy arrives lol!

No raisins, plz! >=o
(Usually $250)

Bryce 7 Pro is for making 3D scenes & settings- so basically any sort of environment that you want your 3D models/ characters to be in (like a city, or a desert etc). That's what I understood from the website anyway- I might get the package & it turns out to be full of cake or something. Though that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing (unless the cake has raisins in it- bleurgh!)

Dunno what the catch for this package could be (except for the raisin cake, that is)

Wtf is this shiz? D=
(Usually $150)

Ok, so last but not least is Hexagon 2.5 which... I honestly have no idea what this does.

The website tells me that "Hexagon delivers all the tools a graphic artist needs to create detailed 3D models ready for final render." Guess we'll find out what that actually means once I get my copy, haha! =S

So ummm yea... you can probably find the full details on the DAZ 3D website. But for now, all you need to know is this doesn't seem like a scam or look-out-for-the-catch deal- I mean, Steam (a platform on which you can buy games direct for your PC) had games like Portal on offer for free this year, so it is possible!

And no, I'm not being paid to write this post- I just thought it was a deal that's too good to pass up! And it can't be a scam, because they didn't ask for any payment details off me lol =P (Even if it is a scam, I'll make sure to post a review about it to warn others first- not that anyone will be reading these posts in the first place anyway though, haha xD) All they actually 

Anyways, if there is actually someone reading this, & you feel that this is a good deal, then feel free to go ahead & get it- & maybe leave me a comment to let me know how it goes (all you need to give them is your email address & a shipping address for them to send the software to- no bank details needed, don't worry!)