Origin of Pavement Fireworks

This post is an explanation of what my term 'Pavement Fireworks' means:

pavement fireworks /ˈpāvmənt ˈfīrˌwərks/ n. 1 Fallen leaves, named as such due to their richly-coloured 'fireworks' style formation scattered upon the ground.

Source: freephotosandart.com

I'm a big fan of Autumn (it's my favourite season) I love everything about it- from the food and cosy food (yay, hot chocolate by the fire!) to the beautiful colours all around! But the one thing that stands out to me most is that Autumn can be the time of new beginnings (for me, at least).

I know for most people it may not be; so I decided I would explain why I felt this way with a poem (another one... yeah, I know lol).

You can find the original poem HERE, but I might also put it up on this blog (if I can be bothered, haha xD)

That's all for now!
-Ignorant Awareness

I'm Not Going to Say

I'm not going to say
I would climb a mountain for you
Because God knows what you would be doing up there in the first place.

I'm not going to say
I would dive into the ocean for you
Because you would probably drown by the time I got there.

And I'm not going to say
I would travel the most distant lands for you
Because I have always been hopeless at reading maps.

But I am going to say
That the love I have for you
Is so rare and pure
That it cannot be found

At the peak
Of the highest mountain

Or the floor
Of the deepest ocean

Or across the plains
Of even the most distant lands.