I resigned from my duty
For the purpose of 'fitting in';

To be please all their needs,
And be more like them.

To accommodate, agree & accept without question
To surpress & seethe inwardly, without further suggestion 

To fight the urge
to writhe my way
Back to where I belong

To the land of the living,
the land of the wronged


The land of imagination,
of freedom & health;

Not at all like the world
of fast fame & wealth.


I do miss it. Terribly so.
I miss Calliope's cosmos of colour,
In poetry, art & sound.


And that's why I'm back
from my self-inflicted cage,

Back from the dead
to this flailing day & age.


To shut down my fears,
& let all doubt go

To link arms with the brave,
& just go with the flow.


This is my story,
& I'm sure you'll agree

Now that we're here,
It's time
to fly free.


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