I miss it.

I miss having it.

The purely liberating, guilt-free freedom of simply having it...

...the freedom of expression
to transform & create.

To creatively think where no man, or woman,
has ever thought before.


To have words drift off the tongue; intertwining in alliteration, metaphors & more,
before gliding onto a smooth new page,
Dancing & weaving their way
under & over the lines.

The lines show us where we're supposed to go,
We stay inside them, in fear that we'll lose control*

-Except for those of us who are brave enough.


Brave enough
to do what we want,
say what we want,
And be whoever we damn well wish to be;

Because, in the reality of these reckless young souls,
the only barriers set
Are your own.

No longer prisoners of our own minds
our own expectations
& our own restraints,

The blade of creativity tears away
at these artificial boundaries,
Leading only

to a blank canvas.


*(this is a rework of some Goot lyrics:
full explanation HERE)

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