RENEWAL (Running, & Never Looking Back)

(End part of the 'Revival' introduction trilogy)


Whew, that was a pretty intense introduction to the blog
(sorry folks, didn't mean to bore you already D=!)

Anyway, the reason for that loooong introduction was that I felt like I needed to explain why I'm here;
*cue deep, dramatic breath*

In short, I had given upon a lot of things
(life, love, creativity- to name a few)

I used to love being creative!
Drawing, writing, whatever- you name it, I did it!
(except for singing- only in the shower, haha xD)


But growing up, I realised a lot of people weren't like that;
most people would go along their little lives, barely looking up,
consumed in their own personal matters.

To them, feelings & creativity didn't take much of a precedence
(over things like rationality & realism, anyway).

(These are the people I reference in 'Rebirth'-
concerned with financial (rather than personal) wealth)


Now, I know not everyone in the 'real world' is like that
(in the same way that you realists out there have to acknowledge that not all of the
'reckless young souls pursuing creativity & innovation
are 'airhead dreamers'- deal? great! =D)

But I do have to hand it to them, that
the people who are dreamers, are definitely 'the brave ones'

It takes a lot of guts to pursue what you want,
regardless of worldly rewards
(that includes getting a well paid job in a boring but reliable career!)


I wouldn't yet class myself as one of the 'brave', however
(I've settled for going to uni & taking the 'safe' option into work)


I'd like to think that, after struggling with this part of my identity for so long,
I can finally work towards coming to terms with it
(especially when the someone who is supporting me this time,
is someone who understands).


I may not be perfect (neither do I claim to be),
& I may have attempted to crawl back into my past multiple times already
(& also consequently, abandoning it in favour of the 'real world' far too many times)
but this time, it'll be different- I shall promise myself that.

And with that,
I welcome you to my journey,
into the Land of the Free

-Only this difference this time is that
I'm running,
& I'm never looking back.


*Oh yeah, & the asterisks from my very first post?

 Those lyrics are a reference to the song 'Asleep at the Wheel' by Alex Goot:
'"The dotted lines show us where we're supposed to go,
we stay inside them- in fear that we'll lose control"

He's referencing the dotted lines on the road,
whereas I mean the lined paper- it's not plagiarism, right? =P

Anyway, the song's awesome so go listen to it! =D


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