RENEWAL (Running, & Never Looking Back)

(End part of the 'Revival' introduction trilogy)


Whew, that was a pretty intense introduction to the blog
(sorry folks, didn't mean to bore you already D=!)

Anyway, the reason for that loooong introduction was that I felt like I needed to explain why I'm here;
*cue deep, dramatic breath*


I resigned from my duty
For the purpose of 'fitting in';

To be please all their needs,
And be more like them.

To accommodate, agree & accept without question
To surpress & seethe inwardly, without further suggestion 


A blank canvas...
to begin, to expire,
& all in between;

To be born & to die,
all by the pen.


I miss it.

I miss having it.

The purely liberating, guilt-free freedom of simply having it...